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Welcome to Our Community!

What does it mean to share my story?  How do I share it?  What pieces do I leave out and what parts are worthy of sharing?

Do the small events matter? Who wants to listen anyway? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, welcome.

About me:

In the past, I was afraid that many of the pieces of my story were not palatable to others.  I forced myself to create summaries that did not do justice to where I’ve been or to who I’ve become.  I wanted to be known by others but I didn’t always believe that other people wanted to know me.  So, I offered them crumbs.  I left out the details and the emotions because I believed that these parts of my story might be too much for the listener.  I stayed on the surface.  This formative response developed in my young years as a brilliant method of containment. For long durations in my history, I was caught in the context of unsafe relationships.  I learned at a young age to put up protective relational barriers that kept me secure. They also kept me isolated. 

Over the past 9 years, I have been on a path of self discovery.  In my personal relationships, I have learned to take risks by being vulnerable.  Those who have the capacity to hold their own stories with compassion have also held mine in the same way.  Through the pursuit of emotionally healthy relationships, I have discovered the immeasurable value of finding those who have the same pursuit.

Why I created Story Network:

I created Story Network because I believe that crafting a safe environment where all participants (including myself!) are accountable to share and let themselves be known is the perfect way to continue the practice of creating healthy relationships. By learning how to engage with each other, we can use the skills that we have learned to enrich our own communities.  

When you choose to engage in the Story Network community, you will be given the opportunity to share pieces of yourself. Vulnerability in the context of a safe, community minded environment can create pathways to healing and growth. 

I hope that joining our Story Network community will be a transformative experience for all those who participate.  I’m not promising ease.  True vulnerability requires risk.  I hope that you come as you are.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you and I’m grateful you’re here. 


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